April 17, 2008

Weight Reduction to Treat Diabetes

It is found that weight reduction surgery works better than standard medical therapy to treat type 2 Diabetes in people who are obese. The surgery is also recommended for people who are not morbidly obese but still overweight.

In a recent study, researchers monitored two groups of obese people with type 2 diabetes. Half of the people had gastric binding done, where surgeons put a silicone strap around the stomach so that less food goes into it. The other half of the people was put on a standard diet and exercise plan. After two years passed, the people on the diet lost an average of 3 pounds while the people who had surgery done lost an average of 46 pounds. 22 of the people that had surgery also had their diabetes go into remission while only 3 of the dieters had that happen.

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