July 22, 2008

Good Reasons to Have Good Posture

There are many reasons to practice good posture and to stand up and sit up straight. Good posture can reduce back pains, increase energy levels, reduce bone and joint aches, and encourage better digestion.

Good posture is good for reducing back pains because sitting in a hunched or slouched position can increase pressure on spinal disks and can cause supporting muscles and ligaments to degenerate quicker. Bad posture can cause back pains and can worsen the condition of a herniated disk and pinched nerves.

Bad posture is bad on the body’s energy levels because slumping can tighten the chest and compress the lungs, so less oxygen gets into the bloodstream. This can cause for a person to become mentally tired and stressed. Strain in any part of the body decreases energy levels.

Bad posture can cause bone and joint problems and cause muscles to shorten overtime. Slouching while a person is sitting can cause hip flexors to shorten and become less flexible, causing joint pain. Sitting with rounded shoulders can cause rotator-cuff pains. Over a period of time, arthritis can set in due to wear and tear on joints.

Better posture leads to better digestion. Slouching after eating can cause the stomach muscles to tighten and may push stomach acid into the esophagus and cause heart burn. Standing or sitting up straight effectively helps the digestive system to work better.

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