April 15, 2010

Lose Weight with Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is a polyunsaturated fat that comes from safflower seeds. It has been shown to increase metabolism, decrease body fat percentage, decrease the risk of heart disease, and lower glucose levels.

A study done on postmenopausal women showed that when they added 1/2 tablespoon of safflower oil to their diet, they were ale to lose up to 4 pounds of belly fat and gain 1 1/2 pounds of muscle in 4 months without changing their diet or exercise habits. The oil contains linoleic acid that might improve the way the body uses fuel. Safflower oil is sold in both supplement and liquid form. It is recommended to add 1 2/3 teaspoon of the oil to your daily diet and wait about four months to start noticing results.


Oliver said...

Are there any alternative for Safflower oil that will give same results to lose fats?Because I think it's difficult for me to get in my place?

pharmacies in chennai said...

Hey Oliver,

You can cook food with safflower oil instead of eating directly. This oil gives a pleasant smell with good taste.
And Safflower has medicinal and industrial uses. It is used mainly as a cooking oil, in salad dressing, and for the production of margarine. It may also be taken as a nutritional supplement.